Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 6

So day 6 was yesterday. I was doing really well in the first half of the day although I had some Pirate's Booty. Then I went to a friend's graduation party and I decided after being mostly faithful for almost a week I would allow myself to eat one plate of normal food! So, I had some pasta salad and cake and that was it. The cake was really good and totally worth it!

I'm just deciding that my cheating isn't so bad because honestly even with the occasional cheat I am still eating way less than I ever normally would and that was my only real treat in over a week. So, I feel pretty good about that. In a couple of weeks I may try this again but do two meals of smoothies and one normal meal. I just feel like I need to eat a little normal food each day and I can stick to it easier. If it's a small amount and it's healthy I think that will work for me better. I will definitely try to incorporate more fruits and veggies in because I really do feel better and more energetic, less sleepy during the day. And my stomach feels great!

Whether I am officially doing the diet or a variation of it, I will try to incorporate one of the smoothies/day whether it's for breakfast or a snack- with the protein powder. I also bought flaxseed oil so I'm going to try that too although it's pretty high fat and calorie, but it's the good fat so small amounts of it should be ok. Oh, and I will try to keep drinking the water although that is probably the hardest part for me!
Tomrrow I will do my final weigh in and see if this made any difference weight wise. I'm going to go over to my parents in the AM before I eat or drink anything to get an accurate weight. I should really buy my own scale sometime! My stomach may have shrunk a little, but I'm not sure. Even if it didn't make any weight difference I still feel healthy so it was worth it!

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