Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 was kind of frustrating. I kind of cheated a little bit by eating double of the morning berry smoothie (because I made extra for my daughter who then didn't like it), and then I ate some almond butter with an apple instead of just a plain apple. Those are pretty minor cheats I guess. Yesterday's mid day smoothie was pear with some chocolate that was supposed to be unsweetened chocolate but I used semi sweet chips and ate an extra tablespoon of them. Oops! btw- that pear chocolate smoothie was pretty gross, I'd like to try it another time with banana and chocolate)
 Then I weighed myself at my sister's house and had only lost like- maybe one pound. It's hard to say since by then it was mid day and I'd been drinking so much water right before. But anyway, that was so annoying! Suffering and getting results is one thing but suffering and not getting any results is pretty depressing. So anyway, on the last day I'll weigh myself first thing in the morning instead of later in the day when I'm all filled up with water weight. After that I felt pretty unmotivated especially since it was rainy and cool all day and I could just not face the thought of eating cold vegetables when it was chilly out! So I ate about 6 spoonfulls of my daughters hot chicken noodle soup, which tasted really good! Probably only about 50 calories worth so hopefully not too big of a difference but still, three cheats in one day isn't too great, and I didn't walk because it was raining too. Epic fail!
 Oh well, moving on. I did still drink a carrot juice/mango smoothie last night that was really good, and I did do pretty well with my H2O consumption, I think I drank it all or very close.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, although I know walking and not running doesn't burn as much, plus I've been eating too much avocado probably so I need to cut down on that. Good fat or not, it's still fat! And higher calorie. I've also had to substitute some things or do different smoothies to make up for what I can't find- like elderberry juice, and black currant juice. I may see if I can order these online- they didn't have them at Whole Foods and I don't know of any other nature stores around here. I'm sure there are some- like in Cambridge but it might be easier to just order it somewhere. If you look on my Pinterest there are lots of smoothie recipes I'm saving for when this is done. Lots of them use flaxseed oil so I got some of that at Whole Foods. When this 7 day thing is over I think I'll still try to do one smoothie a day because weight loss or not, I do feel a lot better and it's a great way to get in more fruits and veggies which I am definitely lacking in overall.

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